Friday, 11 July 2008

so i dreamed of utopia...

"This is what boundary dissolution means; it means nothing less than the anticipation of the end-state of human history. A return to the archaic mode, a rediscovery of the orgiastic freedom of the African grasslands of 20,000 years ago. A techno-escape into a future that looks more like the past than the future, because materialism, consumerism, product fetishism, all of these things will be eliminated and technology will become nanotechnology and disappear from our physical presence. If-- if-- we have the dream. If we allow the wave of novelty to propel us toward the creativity that is inimicable to the human condition."

A postcard from the future. Everything is possible these days.

We start with a fully automated production system which requires little human intervention in the assembling and maintenance of essential utilities. The W*rkforce is freed to follow a life of pleasure and contemplation. We focus on sustaining the equilibrium of nature, taking only so much as is required. We learn not to waste anything.

Human kind cooperates in the goal of achieving sustainability; we are all children of a global village. Nationalism, separatism, and patriotism end. Our vision is planetary. The accumulation of personal wealth ends, for it only divides and perpertuates itself through exploitation. All life is respected, no matter how small. We begin journeys of conscious inner space exploration. The meanderings of the universe are essentially a distraction when our own realm is misunderstood.

We isolate manufacturing to designated areas, so that the earth can once again be unfenced and untamed. We wander around in wellington boots sniffing flowers.
Food and water and shelter are provided to all for free: money is now the abstraction it always was, meaningless beside human need. We are nurtured as infants and kept at our parents side until we are old enough to crawl away, asserting our forming independance. We are not given our own rooms and left to cry at a few weeks old because we realise that isolation at this formative age leads to insecurity and anger and self destructive feelings as adults. Our parents do not try to shape us into a vision of what they should have been, but encourage our innate talents and curiosities. In life we learn to follow our own paths, seek answers to the questions that are our own, rather than follow a rigid life structure which decrees THOU SHALT ACHIEVE!

We embrace the natural order of existance that so many prophets for so many millenia have tried in vain to show us and make them the only laws:
* Respect all life
* Harm none
* Show compassion and understanding

We experience a renaissance in the art of conversation and interaction, TV now a controlled drug used to sedate.

We live in small communities focused on self sufficiency. Everyone has a role. Everything is worth its true value. We reeducate ourselves in the politics of excess: we no longer eat beyond fullness, or starve for the sake of silhouette. Mind and heart matter more than aesthetics. We accept change and impermanence rather than waste precious lifetimes trying to overcome them. Friendships and relationships are prized above anything else. We do not try to opress or alter the will of those we love, accepting them the way they are.

There is no war, because we realise that there is no use in fighting against ourselves, that we can never win. And noone is in charge of the world. There is no power so there is no power struggle.

Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe about the nature of existance, all religious dogma is abandoned save the basic principles of the ideology, the emphasis being on the individual to choose a path based on their own experience and synchronous events. Everyone understands that spiritual thought is a personal activity and cannot be made into a movement or cause, the goal of which being persuading others of the validity of your way of thinking. We realise that this is social brainwashing and interferes with the sacred doctrine of free thought. We realise that people ultimately end up at the same conclusions anyway, regardless of which label they wish to apply to their faith, and that harmony is only possible when we accept the different facets of the same universal truth.

We focus on the conscious evolution of our species into beings of pure thought.

We learn self-control in all things; in thought, in action, in consumption. We focus on overcoming our neurosis and insecurities through active use of logic and rationale where paranoias are concerned. We take responsibility for our own negativity and deal with the causes, rather than attempting to sate them with aggressive, controlling or destructive behaviours. We do not try to replace what is lacking emotionally with material objects or compulsive activity. We confront our problems and deal with them, rather than casting them aside. We think of others. We realise that selfishness and greed have been the downfall of our previous civilizations.

We educate ourselves, rather than accepting hear-say and propaganda. We learn continually as it is a means of being a more complete human being. We no longer worship celebrities or sportsmen, but those whose contribution to society is of true value: healers, teachers and Mothers. We respect the elderly and their varied life experiences: we realise that without their wisdom and learning we are destined to repeat the mistakes of history.

We do not judge others for past mistakes, or hold against them their previous indiscretions. We do not recognize race or gender or class or sexuality.
The worth of people is measured by their capacity to love.

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