Saturday, 19 July 2008


my god. if i could really be bothered to disentangle my webcam from the veritable rats nest of wires lurking behind my desk, i would create some kind of response.

as it is, i can say only this. if you're an atheist, how are you different from a rock? how are you any more meaningful than a potato?

you're a victim of nihilistic programming. i don't believe in a hellfire and brimstone deity, but "atheism" is more than simply denying an affiliation with a God. it's a rejection of your spirituality as a sentient being... whatever your worldview, to deny that the energy that makes you slightly more animated than a corpse exists is a rejection of life itself. by proxy, that energy must have intelligence, sentience, and be part of a wider collective consciousness or else the universe is literally the dream of a cabbage.

atheism is not just a denial of creationism, it is a denial of the creation of the universe via conscious energy. could a simple accident of chemistry account for the sophisticated dream worlds we inhabit 8 hours a night? could random selection explain the unique, beautiful, starling complexity of a single thought?

deny the idea of you participating in thinking the material world into being, i won't.

e=mc2. where does that fit? energy, once created, cannot be destroyed. it can change form, transmute, but remains in some form. it is indestructable. so conscious, calculated, constructive energy.... where does that go?

the energy source that animates your body... whatever you wish to call it.... however simple your understanding... that spark that makes you BE... that represents your consciousness, your memories, your experiences, your hopes and dreams. everything that, again, differentiates you from a root vegetable.

are you really dening the power of your own consciousness? are you really admitting that you are essentially a meat robot, following a programme? maybe you are. i am not.

"atheism" isn't about rejecting the traditional creator God idealogy. atheism is a denial that your life even has a meaning. it is the mindset of the psychopath, an existentialist who sees no value in anything that exists. it is a kill-yourself-now mentality, it is a hollow, empty, self-replicating delusion that makes all life pointless, all being a projection. but a projection of what? what are you?
a fission of egg and sperm?

get back in the womb mate and consider yourself an abortion.

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