Friday, 19 September 2008

roll over and keep on counting sheeple

are you awake or are you a sheeple?
within the conspiracy community, you're either one or the other.

but from what i have seen, there are as many again who simply wear the awake badge, and are really just talking in their sleep.

the "awakened" of this variety occupy some kind of idealogical and pseudo-spiritual high-ground which absolves them of having to participate in actioning REAL, rather than hypothetical, change.

more and more, the alleged "awakened" psychologically deconstruct the sleeping "sheeple" and target their so-called ignorance with fascist zeal. they wait patiently for the New World Order, actually looking forward to it, just so they can say "i told you so". the ignorant, it seems, deserve their inevitable destruction and enslavement.

which is a bit like condemning a caterpillar for not being able to fly.

being awake is not reading a few conspiracy theories and then sitting on the internet blaming other people for the state of the world.

being awake is realising your own divinity, and the divinity of everything, not developing a god-complex that condemns others. it's pure unenlightened ego that makes someone think they are in a position to judge another's worth and whether they deserve "suffering".

simply being aware that the world is not as it seems does not make you a good person, or any less responsible for the way things are than anyone else.
hatred is not enlightenment.

intellectual elitism is still herd following, it's still programmed behaviour, it's STILL people allowing themselves to be divided because of differences, rather than united by similarities. it's the most cunning deception of all; tumbling down the rabbit hole with the illusion of awareness and enlightenment, all the while trapped inside the same old grandiose, sociopathic brain.

it's the REPEATER programme for channel 2012.

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