Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Good Bones?

Size zero models are now apparently bypassing food altogether and staying alive via INTRAVENOUS DRIPS.

And yet, 15 million children die of starvation every year. World Health Organization figures state that TWO THIRDS of the worlds population are seriously under-fed or starving and that 200 people, globally, will have died since you started reading this.

What a world we live in. The layers of paradox are too hellish to contemplate. Within our privelidged well-fed third, the majority of the population are overweight, many more clinically obese. But on the cover of every magazine, "beauty" is represented as skin and bones. Beauty is literally as thin as you can get before there's nothing left.

Beauty is staring into the face of a grinning skull as the skeleton rises up beneath the skin.

As the rest of the world starves, our society is polarised by extremes of body fascism. We are so spiritually bereft that eating becomes a means of filling the void; we are told "you are what you eat" so many times that we become trapped in a perpetual state of body-identification where all we do is consume. we're hungry for meaning but, finding none, worship celebrities, the body, physicality, impermanence.

everywhere you look; fast food, organic, GM, diets, additives, low-fat, low-carb, high-protein, superfoods.... food is control, keeping you focussed on your body, making you think that your body is YOU, when in fact it is just the car your mind is driving.

identify with your body and there is nothing more to life than wondering what to have for tea, or what you're NOT going to have, because you are deliberately starving yourself. life will be better, somehow, if you either eat the whole packet of biscuits, or eat nothing at all.


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