Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Choose Life

choose life. choose awakening. choose rejecting your programming. choose opening your mind. choose questioning every distorted version of reality you are spoon-fed by the media, choose awareness that you are manipulated into demanding solutions to problems that do not exist, serving an agenda you do not understand, and that you are a human battery in the farm of fear.

choose not to walk through life like the living dead, dumb and unaware, accepting every injustice, every war, every crime against your fellow man, fulfilling your fate as the powerless drone society has conditioned you to be, choose to take control, to say no, choose to speak and be heard. choose love. choose not to honour those who pursue a career in death, who are paid to kill, who sell their souls to the system, whose brains are washed by the blood and tears of the people they destroy, who obey without question.

choose to reject the insane heirarchy that decrees that others have dominion over you by accident of birth, choose to reject the idea that your worth as a human being is measured by what you possess, choose to be free rather than another mindless consumer running on the eternal hamster wheel of materialism. choose not to be a number, a bar-coded, microchipped member of the herd, spending your life inside a box, watching a box.

choose your future, choose life.